The Winners Are In #1

So after a month of less then expected activity, the winners are in...

Here are the winners.

  1. WaitWhatWhoMe
  3. Rhett
  4. Emmanuel Hoachlander
  5. Ryan

I apologize if there aren't...

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Sad News Everybody

I know this isn't the title you want. You'll probably want a review or interview but I'm going to give you the sad news.


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Album Review: Lefty Larry (Thor Kissing) - Lefty's Bar

While vaporwave is a unique genre filled with ambiguity and uniqueness. It's ultimately a genre of electronic music, one which itself is filled with unique interpretations. "Lefty's Bar" is an album by...

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VapoUrban Interviews #2: KAHN 美的

Vaporwave is one of those genres where extreme flexibility is allowed. It has many different styles and many different genres within the genre and anybody can express what they're feeling through a specific sound/theme. For ...

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Album Review: KROPN - VHS N64

If you grew up around the TV, you'd probably know the feeling when watching old TV shows, old TV station material and surrounding yourself with the way things were. That's what signalwave is all about...

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Album Review: collegeparty - mind renewal

collegeparty reached his peak when he released "digital escape" but little did you know he had an album and an origin different from what he did with "digital escape". I don't know if...

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Album Review: bodyline - Twinkly

Love. It's an almost universal human emotion which everybody reacts differently to. Some feel strong emotions when in love, others don't feel anything at all. Whatever the case, love has often been the founding basis...

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Album Review: Nmesh - Hard Classiks, Volume 1

Nmesh blew up on the vaporwave scene with "Dream Sequins" but did you know that he was in a metal band before? Apparently with the birth of hard vapour, it has unleashed the beast inside and has...

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Album Review: iacon & nano神社 (✪㉨✪) - Spectre

There is no doubt in the minds of many vaporwave fans that 2814 brought ambient cityscape music to the forefront of popularity and ever since then there have been albums of varying quality. Some good, some bad but...

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Album Review: KAHN 美的 - Live From The Grave

Many know that KAHN 美的 can do melodic vaportrap as well as Blank Banshee but do you know that he can do some dark, grimy stuff as well? "Live From The Grave" is the opposite of "...

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EP Review: Pink Ranger - The Pink EP

It was the early 90s. Saturday morning cartoons haven't gone the way of the dodo and commercialism in kids shows hadn't been condemned by the public yet; somewhere along the way came a series called...

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Album Review: Windows 98の - インターネット (56k Modem Edition)

You remember a time when Microsoft had the monopoly on technology and everybody used Windows? Everybody in the 90s remembers that time. While no company has a monopoly on technology anymore, we can all harken back to a time...

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Album Review: waterfront dining - American Love 愛

This world we live in is hectic and fast-paced. Everything moves at a continuous rate and anybody who is slow gets left behind. While the world we live in is ever changing, sometimes we just want to slow...

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Album Review: PZA - PIZZA PARTY

Many vaporwave artists provide one-of-a-kind experiences unique to said artist. With Vektroid, you have that retro old school feeling while with 3D Blast, you have the feeling that you're a part of something bigger...

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VapoUrban Interviews #1: 3D Blast

Editors note: This is the first of a series of interviews with people in vaporwave, we hope you enjoy this first piece.)

Vaporwave is a genre where you can be both an artist...

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Album Review: ΔCID.rar - nameless plaza

In a world thraught with countless works... ΔCID.rar and the artists label "sunset grid" has been one of the few creators of gems that are of high quality but unknown to the rest of...

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Album Review: V//Tomo - Two Weeks EP

Everybody has two stages when starting out in any genre of music, either they're exceptionally talented or they're trying to find themselves. In the case of vaporwave, it's a bit easier to find...

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