Vektroid has been on an active hot streak lately, releasing album after album on a consistent basis and still managing to get attention for it. This is her latest release in the month of August, (I know I referred to her as a “he”, I didn’t know. Sorry.) Eden… A mixture of vaporwave with cloud sounds and trip out glitching.

This album is unexplored teritory for Vektroid but familiar teritory at the same time as she layers on 80s sample after 80s sample and slowing it down to traditional vaporwave standards; but here’s where it gets experimental, the samples aren’t consistent; they kind of jump around like a mixture of glitch and chopped and screwed and the samples switch almost randomly giving you an unpredictable experience if you’re first listening to it.

It’s risque for Vektroid seeing as how her MACINTOSH PLUS album was the breakthrough album but risque is what this genre is all about and well; if nobody took risks where would we be? The feelings on this album are melachonic and smooth at the same time; the level of atmospherism is brought to levels unseen in current vaporwave. You have a feeling that you’re floating in the clouds and then the next you’re somewhere else but still floating on the clouds. It’s like a roller coaster ride if you want an example.

Every sample used has an abundance of stereo spread and reverb, something which makes the product sound oh so awesome and oh so sweet. The mastering here is better than on her FLORAL SHOPPE album which esentially birthed vaporwave; you can hear the highs as well as the lows and you can also feel the distortion and worn out feeling of the sounds, not in a bad way but in a “this has been played on a VHS for quite some time” way. Distortion is rare but when used, it’s a surprise to all and a compliment to the music playing in the background.

In closing, this isn’t your daddy’s vaporwave; this is vaporwave by a female who refuses to conform and is always experimenting and oh yeah, a legend. Legends know how to create and innovate and I’m certain that everybody will be following this new formula for vaporwave; the feeling is retro and new at the same time and if you’re looking for something that’ll make you interested in making and listening to vaporwave than this album is it. It’s her best work yet.


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