Like the dawn of mankind, there has to be a beginning and well, this is supposedly it. There has been examples before it but as vaporwave history goes; this is it.

One of the most fragile things in human emotion has to be nostalgia; the fear wanting it, the fear of not being able to escape it, the fear of you ultimately being right while everybody else was wrong. Vaporwave is built around nostalgia (and of course failed dreams) so when this album was released, it was one of the most ear grabbing albums of all time, sorely because of the fact that it was unlike anything you heard before in 2011. Was it Chopped and Screwed, was it electronic, was it trip out music?

The answer was that it was all.

This album sets out the basic guidelines for vaporwave with it’s slowed down samples and retro appeal; the statue would be the definitive identifier for vaporwave while the distorted colors would spread across the genre like wildfire; it’s both about visual and audio appeal and this album has it all; some of it may not be as refined as later vaporwave but what you hear is good.

By taking samples that sound smooth and unexpectedly slowing it down, he creates a weird trippy element that transports listeners through their dreams but also their nightmares; it’s that duality which defines most of the album from the first track to the last track, luring the viewer into the fantasy world of vaporwave with it’s sound and not letting them go with their wonder. The track lengths are non-traditional as well, you got songs that are 7 minutes long and others that are only 2 minutes long; some songs can be chores to listen to because of how they pale compare to modern vaporwave while others can be an amazing pleasure to listen to, much like the latest vaporwave music.

Everything is finely produced but somewhat awkwardly mastered; this is by design as the songs that were so perfectly mastered are distorted and stripped to give the feeling of this being a memory; this is what happens when you sample, you take something and then you distort it until it’s yours. It’s much like hip-hop in a sense in that the more you work it, the more it becomes yours and in MACINTOSH PLUS’ case, it’s all his. The appeal of a memory, the appeal of things sounding like you remember it, that’s the appeal of this album and it’s the one that would define the sound of vaporwave for years to come.

If you haven’t got this album, get it; it’ll shape your sound and define you as a person. Some of the songs don’t stand up but vaporwave was in it’s infancy so who do you have to blame? Vaporwave was experimental back then but now it’s big, big as the skyscraper in your city and it’s all thanks to this album…


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