Darksleep is more of an ambient drone artist than a vaporwave artist but this album here shows he can do vaporwave amazingly well and as a plus, be innovative at it.

You never heard vaporwave like this, with country and acoustic guitar samples mixed in… So many vaporwave artists mix in R&B and adult contemporary but this guy is probably the only one to go where no one has boldly gone before; this leads to unique sounds that sound vaporwave but are not vaporwave at the same time… It’s hard to place the genre where this truly belongs and that’s good because unfamiliarity leads to better music listening experiences.

Most vaporwave is influenced by Japan but this seems more American-influenced with it’s songs sounding unlike anything you’ve heard in traditional vaporwave. Japanese tend to go for more smooth and futuristic, this is more like retro-house influenced or hard-rock influenced with a tinge of american pop from such artists like Sinead O’Connor. It’s American-influence is bold considering that everything vaporwave-related has a tinge of Japan in there; Japanese characters/words/kanji/images/you name it… but it succeeds, mainly because it sounds good.

How good does it sound? It doesn’t sound as good as the rest of the vaporwave releases (due to lack of polish) but it’s glitching, it’s pitched down samples and it’s mood setting instrumentals are destined to put you in the vapor-state of mind. He needs to know how to make the stereo spread pop but aside from that, everything here is pretty good. This guy has talent and as I said before, his boldness will definately be admired in vaporwave for years to come. It’s amazing how one guy from Buffalo, New York can just come out with his own style and provide something influential. It’s hard to change the game but hey, at least he came up with his own style.

This album is amazingly good, it’s must listen to vaporwave sorely due to the fact that there are elements you will not find in traditional vaporwave; some may call it a classic, some may not but many will agree that Darksleep took a bold step and many will follow in their steps… or many will not; who knows but you need to listen to this because the elements showcased here should be incorporated into every modern vaporwave album from hereon out. Seriously, cop this almost instantly.


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