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Air Travel was a major life changing experience back in the past before the September 11th attacks but it was surprising that nobody did an entire album about it… until now. What we also didn’t expect was two vaporwave greats collaborating to provide something that would constitute as a brand new experience; well it really isn’t a collaboration but two sides about what could possibly be the same experience. So yeah, two artists, one experience; history is made.

Let’s start off with P E N T I U M 2’s side; this side is the most traditional with it’s fast-paced feel and soulful infliction; every sample used is used in the most creative way to create a retro nostalgic pulse that keeps you going through the tough times. Owning from experience, every sound is original even if they come from familiar sources. Vaporwave is often a genre of sampling the familiar and twisting them around so you’d be forgiven if you thought it all sounded familiar; Vaporwave is all about how you twist the samples around and style is important, P E N T I U M 2’s style is distinctive enough to form circles of crowds but familiar enough to not cause people to scratch their heads; his style is reminiscent of the disco era of the 70’s meaning he’s funky and fly at the same time and willing to pull of moves he never knew he could do.

In relation to mastering and mixing, he is a master at work, knowing when to tweak the reverb and equalize the highs and that mastering job leads to his sides distinctive feel. One track sampling S.O.S. Band’s “Tell Me If You Still Care” feels weak but only because everybody else has sampled it, the weakest track on this side (and the entire album) still sounds really good and that’s an example of pure raw talent right there. Making stuff sound distorted and making stuff sound polished is the ultimate example of making a Vaporwave track or even an album, you have to be super talented in order to pull that off and if you’re not talented enough then you’re not a Vaporwave artist. P E N T I U M 2’s work is an example of what you need to do if you’re serious in Vaporwave.

And last off we got Trans World Airlines side which is chill vaporwave, it’s not as agressive as P E N T I U M 2’s side but man is it chill. It’s slow, monotonous vibes may seem appalling to some upon initial listen but once you repeatedly listen to it at work or on your drive to work, you’ll find yourself in a state that can only be obtained upon taking weed or weed-based products; it’s kind of like binural beats in a sense that it’s the only thing that can relax you; it takes over your brain waves, lowers them to states of nocturnalism and well, makes you feel relaxed. If chillwave had a definition, this would be it as everything sounds lo-fi, mellow and soothing.

I don’t know if it’s a different person who mastered both sides or the same person but I’m going under the assumption that Trans World Airlines mastered this side and well; it’s not as polished but it doesn’t need to be as the impression he’s going for is nostalgic soothing sounds. Something that sounds like it came from a VHS but can sound as good as your mind wants it to be. It’s rare to have something sound like a VHS but still sound good, especially considering all the highs and lows and definition you lose by doing this but well, he knows how to sample and considering all the quiet storm and smooth jazz he samples, he has a sound of his own that will likely impact ears for years to come.

It may not be a collaboration in the usual sense (as the two people did it separately with some input I’m assuming) but it’s still a fine piece of vaporwave work; the two sides feel separate but mesh together to provide a cohesive product, one that is endlessly listenable and endlessly amazing. It’s quality polished to perfection and even if you aren’t a fan of vaporwave, you will definitely enjoy this one.

Rated 5/5


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