Have you ever imagined if there was a vaporwave album that every vaporwave album wanted to be. Well this is the album and it comes 1 year after the breakout of Vaporwave…

If the first mainstram vaporwave album defined vaporwave than this is the one that refines it because this… has a very complete sound. It enhances and builds upon the sound of vaporwave by adding smooth jazz, new jack swing, R&B and 80’s pop into the mix and putting it in a BlendTec blender; every song sounds as smooth as the last with the melodies putting you in a chill state but the harmonies reminding you of the past and the dreams that have failed us.

Every song here has an allure of mystery and perfection, the thing is mastered to give it a hint of perfection but altered to give the impression that it’s not perfect. It’s hard to describe but if I were to be able to describe it then it would be a mix of retro and lo-fi combined with a bit of fuzz for detail. The songs here transport you to worlds unknown but doesn’t give you instructions on how to guide them, instead you’re left to your own interpretation to guide them which makes listening to the album rewarding and pleasing. The small details included do help you to navigate the world and even help to ground you to reality with their blunt obviousness… Simply put, the attention to detail is amazing.

It’s interpretation is open and vast; is it a story, is it a bunch of unrelated scenes combined together to form a cohesive narrative or is it just a bunch of dreams lined up in a museum for all to see? It can be approached from any angle and still put you in a chill mood, transporting you to the past of computing and culture where everything sounded the same but sounded good, that’s how good it is and who knew that a guy from Portland, Oregon would define the sound of vaporwave for years to come. Especially with all of the samples that may or may not have been originally made.

Every vaporwave album has been influenced by this album in some form or way and without it, the retro athesetics wouldn’t be defined or wouldn’t be as developed. if FLORAL SHOPPE was an appetizer than this is the main course that defines everything else. It’s smooth, it’s distinctive, it’s original (even with the samples) and it influenced vaporwave for years to come. Plus it’s short and sweet which if you think about it, isn’t that what every vaporwave album is supposed to be?


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