Okay, I admit it. What you’re about to listen to is not really vaporwave; it’s more of a take of music 20 years from now but it does sound lo-fi and hey, it has elements of vaporwave in it so I’m going to review it.

The future is indeterminate, all we can do is theorize on it; some claim to know the future but how truthful are these claims? Somnus is a UK producer who has theorized the future of music on his new album “Sleep”; now I haven’t heard of the producer until now but this producer had an established style and switched it up to keep himself in the game. This style is apparently. what music would sound like in 20 years from now and apparently, it leaves humanity to be desired.

If you think pop music was bad now, listen to this album. Though it may all sound good, it only provides us with a sample of the future where everything sounds the same and creativity is just nonexistant; the actual music is well produced with the lo-fi feeling that you’ve come to expect. The synths are traditional, in fact I’d like to say oddly traditional as they don’t deviate from what we’ve come to know but at the same time, they are innovative in that they transcend what we known as traditional and paint a picture; nay, a story that transcends all time and provides meaning into what our lives and destiny truly mean.

The drums may not hit as hard as even vaporwave but they contribute to the album in that they provide meaning, rhythm is an essential part of music, it determines the beat and determines the feeling that you’re going to feel during the song’s duration. What happens when rhythm is distorted and all sort of feeling is gone, well you get drums like on this album; confused but used confidently wherever they can. In fact without the distorted drums, the synth’s story wouldn’t of gotten out as cleanly as it did and when combined together, they either put you in the mood or they put you in a downer depending on how you see the album.

The albums ambiguity makes repeat listens a must; any opinion you form on this album could be broken by one secular thought and your desire to understand what this album truly is and thus, you’ll be listening to this endlessly. Art makes you think, real art makes you analyze and trust me, you will be analyzing this one for years to come. The songs connection with each other, how it’s made, how it would be presented, the world itself, the concepts of music in the future; there is just a lot to think about that this album presents. It’s not just music, it’s music for the intelligent and Somnus here did a good job at creating intelligent, repeat-worthy music.

So what does the future hold for us, we don’t know but Somnus does a good job at theorizing the future? This in itself makes pop music right now sound good but not in a bad way. This is a thesis, an analyzation of what we’ll become if we continue in our current direction. Would we appreciate the present when the future comes around or would we blindly accept it like a bunch of sheep. Regardless of the outcome, Somnus has made some good futuristic music and we should listen to it while we can because who knows what’ll come in the future.


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