“I think it can be perceived as a joke and I originally thought as much, but as I made my own artwork I realized otherwise.”

I talked to Holly (ankevaan) on Tumblr, trying to understand her approach to making the wonderful art featured on her site.

She has been into making her own images laden with aesthetics since 2015, so she is a relative newcomer to the scene, but her creative outburst puts many a vaporwave tumblr to shame. Like for a lot of people, her creative road through vaporwave went from music to the aesthetics, a journey that started around two years ago.

Neon, 80s-ocean-resort-commercial colours, marble statues and early 2000s computer iconography feature prominently in her work, giving each image a very classic vaporwave feel, with a tinge of sad boys popping up here and there. What surprised me was how effortlessly she seems to mesh Dragon Ball Z and other cartoon characters into her works and still maintain a sense of harmony to the overarching palette…

“I think including the nostalgia that comes with some Anime / TV shows really “fits” into some vaporwave art.”


Glitch art is also something you notice her experimenting with early on, a technique which has taken off a lot more in her recent work: “I like to think it’s a representation of reality falling apart or someone losing their grip, as vaporwave is pretty nihilistic (even if it could be ironically so) – I also love how different it makes a piece if it’s been corrupted.”

As far as her fellow artists are concerned Holly believes vaporwave has a highly individualistic scene, the community of which is composed of artists who share many aesthetic nuggets, but work pretty much on their own: “In my opinion it (the vaporwave scene) leans towards more of a collection of people who enjoy the certain vaporwave aesthetics and the metaphors embedded into the art.”


Her approach to making art seems methodical and thought-out…

“I like to build around a central idea or theme; whether that’s a color scheme or a word or a feeling that I want to represent somehow through the art. I actually have a folder of things like grids, palms, and objects that I can incorporate as a template to see what ‘fits’ best.”

Finally, since you can’t really separate vaporwave music from the aesthetics, Holly says she wants to dedicate a part of her creativity to that flip side of the vaporwave coin.

“It is definitely something I want to do more of – trying to get into composing vaporwave music and being actually successful at it. It’s more challenging though because the music feels a lot more abstract than the art at times.”

Check out Holly at http://ankevaan.tumblr.com/.

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