A part of a blog’s mission is to filter out what’s hot and what’s not. In any genre this can be especially hard, especially with vaping stores using the hashtag “#vaporwave”; but here’s where the job gets harder, when memes infiltrate genres of any kind, espcially dank memes.

What are dank memes? Well they’re memes but they’re more crass and weird than regular memes; there is a culture filled with dank memes on instagram filled with accounts that are filled with explicitives like the N word that are purely for shock and weird value, accounts usually make backup accounts because well; they violate policies of mainstream social media. Now if this were 4chan then it would be considered acceptable but since it’s in the realm of mainstream social media, it turns into a cat and mouse game to see if Instagram can shut down all the dank memes accounts.

That’s not what this opinion piece is about.

This opinion piece is about the guy or gal who is trying to look up vaporwave art/music only to find these dank memes prolifilating on their instagram search. Now it may not be a problem if it wasn’t as prolific but look at the top post, it’s a meme without any vaporwave affiliation.

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It wouldn’t a problem if at least 60% of these memes had a vaporwave style to them but these memes have SpongeBob characters, that internet dude, whatever is popular at the time of the internet and it’s falsely being tagged as #vaporwave. Now I know why vaping products tag themselves as #vaporwave since it does have the word “vape” in it but does anything you see have “vaporwave” in them; does it have a statue? does it have trees, does it have the old school Windows logo? does it even have Japan in there?


It’s part of the reason why nobody takes #vaporwave seriously anymore, because anybody’s willing to falsely tag their stuff in order to get more views; it’s like the old saying goes, anybody’s willing to extend their 15 seconds to 15 years through any means necessary. I mean seriously, just take your 15 seconds of fame and run with it, you made something good, try to make something better if you want to extend it. Don’t tag everything with “#vaporwave”.

It was even prevalant in the old web too, many people were using tags that were unrelated to their product because more people were using those tags than other tags. It’s an old but simple trick that many big web companies have prevented and are still preventing because it provides an unfair playing field. People are nasty creatures and are willing to use every opportunity avalaible to advance themselves, while some people are nice and only care for others, this is unfortunately the way the world works and people for some reason want other people to recognize them and if you think about it, it becomes an endless cycle.

So what can be done to stop it, well if there were more vaporwave people (musicians and artists) who had the courage to post that stuff everywhere on instagram and if there was more of us then there’d be less dank memes. Alas, vaporwave is a niche genre and it seems like the dank memers will still do this because it’s the spirit of the internet but these are not vaporwave memes, these memes aren’t even offensive, these are middle-school/high-school people who create these memes with software that they can barely understand and an empire is being created around it that if left unchecked, could become unstoppable.

Look at it now, we can stop this hashtag abuse and introduce people to what vaporwave really is; it’s not just a niche internet meme, it’s a musical movement and if people don’t know that then they will know that.



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