Not many people know what Vaporwave is but they know what Simpsonswave is; it’s a meme when people take Vaporwave people that other people have made and combine them with Simpsons clips with a poorly made VHS filter; or at least one part is half true…

Unlike Vaporwave which was created with the true reflection of making art. Simpsonswave was made by one person when he was bored in college according to this interview.

I admit, these two videos are good stuff; they contain good vaporwave, good emotion and a good dreamlike state.

After that however, Simpsonswave just descends to the abyss of nothingness.

Why is that, not many people bother with creating their original music (like the creator of Simpsonswave did) nor do many people actually bother to put actual vaporwave in there.A simple search for Simpsonswave reveals lots of frustration and anger as you experience trip-hop, trap, dubstep, ambient, things that are not vaporwave in any form or fashion. Example below.

Now why call it a derivative genre of vaporwave when there’s barely any vaporwave involved? Because it’s part of the joke. It appeals to a selective group of people who still think The Simpsons is worth something despite the fact that it’s still on the air past it’s expected life and is now sinking to gimmicks such as hour long episodes.

I will admit, it’s appeal is interesting. Childhood was somewhat based around The Simpsons and to distort it’s filters to make something that’s dreamlike and creepy at the same time makes it count as art… somewhat; this is what the creator’s intent was when he made the video that got popular, he wanted something that wasn’t a joke at the time because jokes become boring and dull much like a used knife.

However, the internet runs with things and distorts the original purpose of the movement.

Simpsonswave could of been the thing that could of pointed out how we percieved things, how we percieved new things, how we long for the past even though the past is long gone. The Simpsons is a cultural institution as many people believe it to be and well, it’s the perfect example to show this contrast. There are still debates over which is the best Simpsons episode, the best era, the best; well, anything to be honest and it’s the perfect example…

But when you include any type of music in Simpsonswave, you miss the point which brings me to my next point.

Just because you put a filter does not mean it’s vaporwave.

I mean sure, it looks cool but vaporwave is all about narrative and soundscapes and it loses it’s meaning if you put anything behind it. People produce this vaporwave based on the code of conduct that they themselves have built; what happens if they started to break that code of conduct. Then vaporwave would still be considered an experimental genre and we wouldn’t have the music we’d have today.

Compared to Vaporwave, Simpsonswave is nothing more than a meme unfortunately because of the misuse of music and visuals.

And to close it out, I’d like to recommend a filter called VHS by Red Giant, it’s surprisingly good; it creates that VHS feel and combined with the tripped out colors and music, could create something truly nostalgic. If any of you want to try to bring back the Simpsonswave movement, feel free to give Red Giant a call; or just pirate it off the internet, your choice.


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