In the vaporwave movement, being artistic is very important. You have to think outside the box and come up with some pretty weird stuff; the importantce in A T H S T E T I C S is not about having a statue or a VHS tape in there but really coming up with something that represents the distorted memory of nostalgia; something you thought was important but not really important.

This is what newcomer Brian Larney is going, coming up with athstetics.

Now his work may seem unoriginal (what with the formula of a statue and a background) but all artists have a formula, even your most established artists like Van Gough; that's why you're able to identify the artist in a museum… His work seems destined to be placed in a museum someday with his works, though they may be untitled, the mystery of them all makes you think and wonder if they're all part of a consistent narrative.

What you see above contains vaporwave elements but he manages to make it all his own; now his methods are not known but what is known is that he has an idea in his head and he goes for it like a kid wanting candy. He lays the idea in his head, he conceptualizes it to reality and then he sells it to places like Etsy… This may seem like a bad thing but it's actually a good thing, this hustle encourages him, makes him able to make works like this and if he keeps it up, he'll actually be famous for these pieces of work.

Artists had to donate their work to keep themselves on their feet, while he may not get many sales; the few sales he will get will establish his legacy as one of the ones keeping the vaporwave movement alive. Who knows, maybe some will get greedy and sell these works on the internet for far more than they were worth before and maybe some will realize the value and keep it for themselves like a trophy but for now, this is an artist that deserves attention and this is an artist who's destined for greatness.

So how do you get in contact with him, well there's Twitter, there's his Etsy account  and that's about all I know; there may be something else but if you want to collaborate and respect his work (which is what vaporwave is all about) then do so right now, he might become the hottest thing almost overnight. As for what I consider my favorite, well I consider all of them my favorites because they're all consistent, they're all part of a narrative and they're all done with the same care as the others.

This concludes the spotlight on Brian Larney, hope he appreciates it.


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