Malls used to be a popular thing in the 80s when consumerism was hot and the only place you could buy stuff was at an enclosed mall with lots of shops both chains and local; but when the 2000s came along, the mall dream died and a lot of malls were closed down when they either lost their main anchor or better shopping centers opened up across the street.

Who doesn’t love a dead mall? especially Soundcloud artist “deadmalls”.

Now he’s no newcomer to the scene, he’s got like 2 months experience but his infrequent posting makes him feel like a newcomer. His skill is impeccable with his ability to both choose the right samples and make it sound like it came from an 80s VHS deck. Every song he makes transport you to a mall which looks prestine but feels completely dead and gets more creepy as the song goes on. It may or may not put you in a chill mood but it does reflect the consumerism that is prevaliant within vaporwave.

His presence may be new but his songs accumlate over 300 listens, 20+ likes and a couple of reposts; he feels new but he has been doing it since the dawn of time based on the quality of music. The ability to accumulate this popularity is unheard of, especially when everybody is trying to be consistent and frequent. This guy just does what he wants in his own world and his own time and apparently he’s succeeding.

Now when he’ll release an album or an EP is unknown; who knows he may even still be releasing tracks but what’s known is that this artist came out of nowhere, this artist has some pretty good tracks and this artist may even be the next biggest thing in vaporwave. His identity is a mystery, his actions are a mystery, everything is a mystery which fans will absolutely love since the more mysterious you are, the more successful you’ll become and yeah. Follow him on Soundcloud; sorry if this spotlight is short, I don’t have much to go on.

Here’s one last track to close things out.


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