If you’re established in the world of vaporwave, you get all the love and admiration and fame; making music comes easy to you and every release is publicized (including here on VapoUrban), For a newcomer, that fame takes longer to obtain but you still get the love and admiration… DJ DeejMini has a unique name and knows love and admiration like no other.

He also knows how to make music like the pros as well.

This is in the vains of a mixture of boom bap and vaporwave; two genres which shouldn’t work well together but actually do. The drums hit you hard like DJ Premier’s work while the samples transport you to the same vaporwave world as the others do; and the best part about it is that any old-school/new-school who wants to be old-school rapper can rap over this efficiently and effectively.

The mastering is professional and out the box he/she knows what he/she wants to do. Everything about it resonates with you and makes you wish you were still in the year 2000 when everything was new and familiar and hip-hop was as fresh as you remember it. People may have differing opinions about that comment but let’s save it for another day.

Anyways, his or her music feels old school while still fitting into the athstetics of vaporwave and for that, that is a major acomplishment. Though he or she might have 2 tracks to his or her name, the fact that he or she is producing more material is enough to give him or her the spotlight; according to this tweet he or she sent me.

So yeah, keep your eye out on one of the up-and-coming vaporap producers who’ll likely gain himself or herself a gig in hip-hop production. Producing for the likes of Kool Keith, Grand Puba and Percee P.

To close out the spotlight, here’s a track from him or her that I especially like.


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