I was debating whether or not to do a spotlight. On one hand, she has talent but on the other hand, she might be a fad. So I said, screw it; I’m doing this spotlight anyway.

This kid deserves the spotlight for a couple of reasons; one, for her young age… (Her tumblr profile says she’s 12) she is immensely talented in her photo manipulation skills and comprehension of vaporwave. Two, she has a lot of potential and three; she’s able to overcome her disability. (Her tumblr profile also states she has autism).

Number two is the main reason I’m giving her the spotlight.

Usually vaporwave appeals to people who grew up around malls in the 80’s or 90’s; those people who were surrounded by corporate dreams but all grown up are now surrounded by a world in collapse thanks to the ease of use of technology and oversaturation of well… basically everything but for a girl born in the 2000s, a world which was openly embracing open source and shunning Internet Explorer, she shouldn’t of known about vaporwave; she shouldn’t even be attracted to vaporwave but against all odds, here she is. Nihiri.


The above picture may feel common but look at the skill, look at the context, look at that aesthetic; it shouldn’t work as well as it does but it does… The ability to put it all together, the ability to execute it and the future potential ability to do something more. If you’re not aware of the design, they’re from Eddsworld; a animated series of which Nihiri is a big fan; that’s another thing I’d like to compliment on, the design… Now the details are not known but man, those are good drawings. The lines are smooth, the composition is fine and the proportions are on point; best of all, it shows that she has fine motor skills which very few autistic people have. She is definately at the top of her class.

Vaporwave is all about taking familiar elements and making them unfamiliar; while there may be tons of familiar vaporwave elements, these are all unfamiliar and in a sense, these images help you to transport you to her world and her world is constantly changing (due to the everchanging future). Elements come and go as she pleases and she is the opposite of the example that Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon (and even Disney Channel) like to present as a children. She isn’t this random consumer, she is the desumer, one who takes the elements around her and deconstructs them.


Of course, there is the problem of whether or not she can stay relevant. We don’t know if the Eddsworld thing is a fandom thing or an actual thing designed to make her stand out but what will the masses think, will they accept it or will they throw it aside? This is a serious question I’m asking because there’s only so much you can do with fandom; once you watched everything, once you know everything, what happens to the show? People, even autistic people usually drop shows after they’re done with them and move on to something else. I should know, I was obsessed with many shows on the internet and real life; it’s human nature; you can’t obsess on something forever, you can obsess for years but you can’t obsess forever. Fandom is a temporary thing and I’m afraid much of her vaporwave is based on this fandom.

But who knows, maybe she’s praticing for the moment where she’s finally given a chance to prove herself; any mistakes can be forgiven because of age and when she finally masters her craft then maybe, maybe she will become the next vaporwave god. The Eddsworld era will be seen as a focal-point for vaporwave historians to see how the next vaporwave god got her start and there will be thousands of Nihiri worshippers praying to her to provide sadness and grief in their otherwise happy lives; at least that’s what I assume.

I’m hoping this spotlight will influence her because she has potential and talent; she’s a natural at vaporwave and in this age where vaporwave is proclaimed “dead”, we need all the recruitment we can get. So yeah, here’s to you Nihiri; you are the future of vaporwave.



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