Here’s a quick history lesson for you. Vaporwave is a genre that was originally called many different names by many different people before being established as Vaporwave in 2011. It is characterized by it’s retro vibes and it’s slowed down pitch along with chopped up samples.

Another history lesson, vaping is a method of inhaling nicotine that is done through breathing in harmful nicotine and inhaling harmless smoke (known as vape); whether or not nicotine without the additives is addictive or not is up for debate and whether or not nicotine kills you is also up for debate but people do it.

What do those two things have in common? Nothing.

So why do you see these people advertising vaping products with the tag “#vaporwave?” Image below.

Vaping abuse.

Check it out for yourself if you’re not convinced.

Now when people see vaping products in these results, they assume that vaping is a part of vaporwave culture. It’s not. Vaping was never a part of the vaporwave culture even from it’s inception; it was based off of a word called vaporware which meant software forgotten or ceased into existance. Sure, people are high when they’re listening to vaporwave but they’re high on marijuana also known as weed, pot, grass, you know the rest. Nictoine doesn’t even get you high; it just calms you down which is pretty pathetic in my book, if you’re looking to get calm, you also want to be transported to worlds unknown which is the point of vaporwave.

Now how many people listen to vaporwave? Okay how many are under the age of 21 and are still in high school? Yup, that’s vaping companies using the #vaporwave tag’s target audience is; underage kids. Underage kids who can easily be hooked by marketing such as pictures of vape devices designed to look cool and well, instagram filters.

In many states, it is legal to by tobacco products if you’re over the age of 18, California and Hawaii increased their age to 21 which means fewer people can be hooked by gimmicks but people who are 18 can buy these vaping products for their fellow “peers” which means that they too can be easily hooked into the vaping world; which raises the question, are these products really as non-addictive as we think they are.

This is what kids think vaping is like.

Guy vaping.

Now this is what cigarettes have actually done to lungs.

I know what you’re probably saying. You’re bringing up obvious points and being biased about it. What do you expect, tobacco tastes terrible and you feel the presence of death every time you’re surrounded by it. Now the smoke itself is harmless on the outside but what happens when you smoke it; like every other substance it goes through your system and well, it may do the same damage to your lungs but on a much smaller scale.

Fear Uncertainy and Doubt? Maybe but what happens when you smoke a lot, lot, lot more; you become an addict to vaping.

And guess who’s supporting vaping? Cigarette companies.

Since vaping liquid is based off of nicotine which is grown from plants; the tobacco companies still earn your money which allows them to find ways to fight legistration which restricts big tobacco from harming the ecosystem. It’s basically the same as oil companies who bribe their way into governments and make sure that the cars still run gasoline for as long as the world turns.

This is pretty pathetic if you ask me.

Smoking comes in many forms, advertising comes in many forms, deception comes in many forms. To decieve people through using the tag #vaporwave is wrong and immoral and just goes to show that the cycle won’t stop unless we stop it. Think about how far we’ve come, billboards, TV ads, everything portraying cigarettes have either had warnings slapped on it or been taken down entirely. And it was all to protect the youth.

I’ll admit, these vapeshops are trying to stay in business, they need to find ways to attract customers and retain old ones but vaporwave is a musical genre, not a gateway to vaping. Let’s stop these vapeshops and vaping companies who are trying to earn a back off of this retro futuristic genre. It may not seem deceptive to you but if you were 16 years old and it influenced you to vape, wouldn’t it seem deceptive?



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