Ambience is something that surrounds our entire world, the noise and sounds created can be almost pleasing to those listening and comprise a major part of human life. Whatr happens when you mix ambience and vaporwave, you get “Æther Paradise Online”, an album embracing vaporwave ethos but sounding like it’s own beast.

The sounds here reflect a sort of utopia paradise, one that is perfect in everyway and self-substainable. Various percussion instruments that aren’t synths are used in order to give an extra dimension to the music and their placement and timing is just… well it’s going to put you in the vibe for sure. There are synths and they’re used in a way that supliments what’s going on… This isn’t hard but mostly soft sounds that are sure to get you in the mood and combined with the percussion formulate what is esentially paradise.

The mastering here is top notch and professional; like “Vaporwave Is Dead” before it, this sounds like a major label release with detail and clarity being top notch factors. It’s not nostalgic or dystopic like other releases but it doesn’t need to be; this is about the future; the possibilities, the peace of mind making this one of the few vaporwave releases mostly filled with positivity. It’s amazing how much effort went into the making of this album, this almost sounds like 2814 except condensed and refined.

Be forewarned though, the tracks may be a bit longer than you’re expected but when you want to vibe out and when a album like this explores all aspects of paradise, it’s to be expected.

Other than that, good album. It may not have been the first of it’s kind but by golly is it one of the best in ambient vaporwave. It’s a paradise album, one that you listen to when you want to feel optimistic and hopeful for the future and listening to this album will feel like you’re in heaven.


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