Collaborations are frequent but rare in the vaporwave world; rarely they are two producers working together but usually they are seperate artists featuring on the same record which is what this really is. That shouldn’t detract you from the album though as it features very good production bordering on best.

This album is a variety of vaporwave subgenres but mainly vaportrap, ambient, futurefunk and retrowave, each track is designed to stand alone byitself yet mesh together with the others to form a cohesive product and the producers are no slouches either. On the vaportrap songs, you got something which resembles nostalgia and the 80s yet sounds harder than any cloud rap song ever will. (vaportrap is different than cloud rap in that cloud rap doesn’t have aestethics) On the futurefunk songs, you got high energy, high vibes and something that’ll make Daft Punk proud and on the retrowave tracks, you got songs that sound crisp and clear; enough for you to vibe out.

The album is based around vaporwave mythos meaning that the tracks are true to form. They take you to the mystical art deco virtual plaza in the sky, one that only the most devoted vice conisuers can only dream of and the vibes you’ll get from this album are mysterious and engaging. This album has multifaceted dimensions to it, some are about nostalgia, others are forward thinking, others are just about chilling and others are just about having plain fun. Each track has character, the album may not tell a story but it just feels like you’re at a party and you want to get to know these people.

Once you get to know them, you’ll never want to let go; you’ll want to listen to it over and over and over again.

This isn’t revolutionary but it’s very very very good. If you have been listening to traditional vaporwave than this album will make you open your eyes to what is possible with the genre and subgenres. It’s masterfully produced and it’ll expose the three to new career paths that they have never experienced before.


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