Ain’t gonna lie, I found this album out while browsing through the twitter profile. I saw hundreds of retweets about this new album by 3D BLAST and I figured… I need to check this out, so I did and I was honestly impressed by what I heard.

How much was I impressed? Well I’m convinced this could be the next Floral Shoppe or Dream Sequins.

This album features many different sounds, is multifaceted in it’s ambitions and contains a sort of narritive that helps ground it throughout it’s journey. Much of it feels like a soundtrack to an unknown character who’s titular journey of “being the best” is surrounded by loss and tribulation; you have your highpoints, you have your lowpoints and you also have the brief moments in between. Every bit of it is also beautifully intertwined with anime samples which are admittingly rare in vaporwave despite it’s japanese influences.

3D BLAST uses the methods of vaporwave to make something that sounds familiar but radically different than what you’ve heard before. This isn’t the usual pitched down, glitchy, smooth jazz stuff; no, this is the high octave, sometimes high energy stuff that you didn’t even know could exist. This stuff is production at it’s finest with a mixture of lo-fi goodness, retro cleanliness and thumping drums that will make your feet move. It’s hard to describe, at times it’s traditional, other times it resembles futurefunk and other times it’s more familiar to your ears. It’s mysterious in it’s intentions which makes listening to this album so much fun.

Speaking of mysterious… This album was previously stated to be released in May of 2016 which makes me wonder if the original version of the album would of been as fun as the album that was released… It would be interesting to hear the OG version but then again, he mastered it and mastered it till it couldn’t be mastered no more. This isn’t just a mixture of genres, this is a pioneering record in vaporwave as we know it. I respect that as it shows a dedication to his craft and a perspiring interest to innovate, even the cover doesn’t contain any traditional elements known to vaporwave. For that, I commend him.

If you’re looking for any reason to listen to this album. The only reason I’m going to give you is that is sounds innovative, sounds amazing and pushes the genre forward, this album is an instant classic. Who knows how people will regard it in a couple of years, maybe it’ll be up there with the big 2 but seriously, please listen to this album ASAP.


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excellent review + I agree, it is the quintessential 3D BLAST album and a next-big-representative for vaporwave as a whole.