Vaporwave and trap; two words that shouldn’t go together but they amazingly do. This album is the first example in what people are calling “vaportrap”, a sort of modern invention combining vaporwave ethos and sounds with modern trap music. The result is something that sounds completely amazing while still being completely grounded.

One thing I’ve noticed with various vaporwave genres is that they’re more higher polished and produced than regular vaporwave; this is no exception as it has the same production values. Everything here just sounds so smooth and slick, the hi-hats are programmed in ways that are both high energy and recognizable and the drums are hard hitting and bass heavy.

That’s not even the tip of it; the synths used are super smooth and super sexy making sure that you are in the zone when you are listening to this piece of work. Samples from vaporwave (like old OS startup sounds) are used but they’re used sparingly in favor of breaking new ground in making a genre. Through multiple listens, you’ll realize that vaportrap is more than just an offshoot but a new movement that’ll hopefully incorporate hip-hop listeners into the vaporwave culture.

This isn’t depression music (though one track has the name depression) but there are some moments where brevity shows it’s face; this happens when the music begins to get turbulent and confused to the point where it becomes something that awakens a new state of mind inside of you. These moments help to break up the monotony and showcase Blank Banshee as a vaportrap producer not to be messed with; after all, variety and distinctiveness is the only way you’ll make it in the music game.

This is simply put, vaporwave for when you want to get turnt in the club if they ever played vaportrap. It’s high-energy, it’s culturally viable and it’s innovative. This proves the further versatility of vaporwave and well, what more do I have to say.


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