When vaporwave emerged on the scene; almost everybody wanted to do the INTERNET CLUB, Vektroid or Nmesh stuff that was popular and predominant. Luckily vaporwave has grown to a point where we don’t have as much watered down content but a few times some leaks go through the cracks. This is one of them…

To be fair, it’s not a rehash of 80s hits with lyrics intact. This is resemblant of the slowed down, druggy vaporwave that happened early on in the history of the genre. Much of the songs here are heavily filtered out and slowed down to a crawl to give you that feeling that would only be experienced if you were on drugs. If you were high right now, you’d think this is the best stuff to ever come out of music ever.

However, if you’re not on drugs than it’s a completely different story.

The album feels long even though the album only consists of 8 tracks featuring 2 minute lengths; it’s a chore to listen to as there’s no originality or unique tricks up it’s sleeve to keep you from tuning to something else. If you’ve listened to anything else that sounded the same then why would you repeatedly listen to this album? It’s not anything special, in fact it has been done better a million times over.

I will commend him for his knowledge of how to use music production software even if he didn’t break boundries with it.

I’m cutting it short, this album is meh material. Sorry about this but I can’t think of anything else to write about this album. It’s slow, boring and not inventive enough.


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