The mixture of futurefunk and vaporwave seems to be a new trend nowadays, combining the familiar vintage sounds of vaporwave with the Daft Punk inspired chopping and vastness of futurefunk. “Rendered Fruit”, an album built around 80’s samples but chopped up like no other is the result of this new trend and boy is it an enjoyable listen.

Much of the album is best described as an album version of Daft Punk’s “Face to Face”; with the basis that the album takes songs that are familiar and chops them up in ways that are unrecognizable but defies sonic barriers at the same time. Very few of the samples are recognizable and intact in their original form and when they appear, they appear at the most opportune times to give listeners a break.

When it gets chaotic, it gets really fun.

What we’re listening to is an evolution of sound, one where producers go to the next level in order to make something fun and memorable. Early plunderphonics were examples on how samples sounds can be used to create new sounds; boy look how far we’ve come… The elements of plunderphonics are still there but it’s with an added element of acceptance, one where taste and judgement are not allowed; while vaporwave (and futurefunk to an extent) is based somewhat on plunderphonics, it’s more about reflecting on manufactured nostalgia than making new sounds; which is what this album truly succeeds at.

Though it may be short, this album is a breakthrough in ushering a new era of the ever evolving genre vaporwave. With endless replay value, this album showcases lots of talent and lots of unique tricks up it’s sleeve. It’ also an influence to vaporwave/futurefunk artists everywhere and really shows what you can achieve if you believe in yourself. Play this as much as possible; it’s a high standard album.


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