Who doesn’t remember the WWE/WWF; all those storylines, all that violence, all that fandom. So what if it’s fake, it’s entertainment for many people and for some a sense of nostalgia. So what happens when a artist gets the idea to mash up wrestling and vaporwave… Well you get “Wrestling ☯ Wave”, a specific piece of work designed to appeal mainly to wrestling fans and nostalgia addicts alike.

Thanks to the addition of wrestling, he’s able to take it in directions that are unusual for vaporwave. Directions such as adding hard rock guitars. The basics of vaporwave are there but they seem to connect with the story at hand, which is that you are a person who just happens to discover wrestling and immediately falls in love with it. Every highlight of the glory days of the WWE/WWF are there from Macho Man Randy Savage to Hulk Hogan through the appearence of soundbites which just so happens to mesh with the oddly non-smooth jazz sounds of the synths which combined makes for the most realistic depiction of how you remember the WWE/WWF.

This product screams post-modern retrowave as it has the grimy undertone that most vaporwave products lack. It makes your brain feel like it’s remembering something that’s hazy but you feel like you know so well; vaporwave is all about feeling a certain way for something in the past so it’s doing it’s intended job but tell me, how many albums can evoke the aestetics of “Alien”, the 80s design that isn’t Art Deco, the low budget flicks, the scary feeling of a dark run down space? Very few actually and this album is notable in that it manages to evoke that aesthetic.

Only thing it lacks is visceral impact… It’s unique I’ll give it that but when you have albums that proclaim that “Vaporwave Is Dead” then it’s kind of underwhelming. Still it’s a beast all of it’s own mainly because it ventures original territory within vaporwave. You’d never think that vaporwave and wrestling go together so well but they amazingly do and well, that alone is commendable.

So the question is this… should you listen to this? Well if you’re a fan of vaporwave and either a fan of wrestling or want to see what the hype of wrestling is about then yes. It’s not a classic but it’s a pseudo-classic and in vaporwave, isn’t that all that matters?


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I was a bit skeptical at first listen because of how memey this album appears. I was so surprised with how the album ended up making me feel. No joke, it made me feel like a kid again. I know thats the point with most nostalgia based vaporwave projects, but this one hit even closer to home. A+


you have some interesting taste, tbh i think limousine is meme crap 😢 but glad u enjoyed!



^^ Lol this Thomas guy is literally the only person I have seen who bashes Limousine and their releases on every social media platform, personal grudge much?