If you’ve been listening to a lot of vaporwave like I have then you already know what vaporwave is all about; so let’s cut that introduction short. Many albums live or die based on the quality of the music; many vaporwave albums have bad covers but good music, others have good covers but bad music. This one has what goldilocks would call “the right balance”.

Now as everybody knows, music can entertain but it can also be used to told stories. Some that last for one song, others that last for an entire album. This one tells the story of the death of certain computers that have been or will be eventually consumed by the botnet so basically it’s like the soundtrack to the life and death of a computer.

Every detail has been taken into careful consideration by the artist from the cover to the samples used; everything here reminds you of the glory days of the 80s and the nostalgia of the beige computer age. The samples range from smooth jazz music to the pop anthems you used to know so well and they are pitched down to give you that vibe that you know so well, the way the tracks are sequenced resembles a roller coaster ride with various ups and downs… The ups will make you feel good about yourself while the downs will give you an empahetic response; basically you’re connecting with the titular character which is a computer but don’t technolgy have feelings too?

It sounds like everything you’ve heard before but it also doesn’t sound like anything you’ve heard before, which is good because you’re going to need that familiarity in order to experience the unexpectedness that this album has in store for you. It’s sort of lo-fi but then again it’s sort of distorted in order to give a computerized feeling that will give you memories of your old computer whether it’s a Windows or a Mac. That feeling is something only a master vaporwave maker can produce and well, Newtype is technically a master vaporwave maker; it doesn’t matter if you’re high or not, you can get engrossed in the soundscapes of it all.

To simply put it, this album is a vaporwave classic (if there are such things as classics); the packaging from the music to the visuals is simply amazing and the sound though familiar really gets to you which makes the story he’s telling an amazing spectable. Newtype is one of those people who is in it to win it and he really wins it here and for that, he gets a pat on the back.


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