In the time that I have been gone, I have come to learn that vaporwave isn’t just this one type of lo-fi music that reminds you of malls; no it’s various genres that ever expand and grow and one of those genres is “futurefunk”. Something that is futuristic but funky at the same time.

Or at least those are laymens terms.

“Flavored” sounds like something from Daft Punk’s “Discovery” album from 2001 and I mean that in a good way as many of the tracks are not subjective to genre or taste or even popularity. The music presented here is feel-good music that is not defined by any era, but defined for a lush sense of a time when you could listen to music and like what you like.

Much of the production isn’t noisy or lo-fidelity but it does have that sort of warmth to it that makes it feel punchy, sweet and to-the-point. The samples here are of songs that are popular but are not mentioned in any modern context; songs like “Give Me the Night” by George Benson and “Just the Two of Us” by Bill Withers are dynamically altered to make them sound funky and upbeat thus giving a unique sound to what would otherwise be just another album.

Many people have called this “addicting” and “replayable” and I have to basically agree with them. There is much to discover upon relistening; while it may not be a deeper meaning, you can understand how the tracks are constructed and you can understand the feeling that the musicians intended you to feel. Again, the “Discovery” comparisons come in here in that the more you listen to, the more you love it. It’s not traditional or complex as anything else electronic but then again, music is entertainment.

If this album is any indication then futurefunk is destined to be the genre for people looking for tracks sounding like Daft Punk circa 2001. It’s not as revolutionary as vaporwave but this album proves that there is more experimentation, and more craftwork that can still be done. If it’s job was to transport you to whatever era was your childhood then it succeeded with flying colors; Pop Up! has done an exceptional job at bringing futurefunk to the forefront and for that, nicely done.


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