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Vaporwave and dancing are two things that don’t mix together; unless your genre’s name is futurefunk… This album despite it’s vaporwave nature does want to make you dance and well… it’s a journey down the road less taken.

Now this is a combination of vaporwave and jungle (you may know the genre from a certain band called “The Prodigy”) and boy what a combination there is; you’ve got frantic drums and tropical vibes combined with the 80s vibe and synths of vaporwave, the tempos here are faster than any vaporwave you’ve ever known and the mastering and production just screams clear and concise but raw and gritty at the same time.

The drums are very hard hitting as is appropriate for jungle music with hard bass and treble-ish snares dominating the entire music; sometimes the drums dominate while at other times the melodic sounds of the music carry the entire track. The sounds here evoke a very frantic environment, one where chaos rules and people are compelled to dance to it despite the chaos; it’s sort of like hard vapor except it’s smoother and more friendly to clubs than anything you’ve ever heard.

The real draw here is how electronic it sounds. It’s more EDM than vaporwave which will garner it a new audience thanks to it’s production work. Vaporwave is a very niche “you have to get it” genre but EDM is widespread and is gaining more popularity at the cost of it’s reputation; which means that this album has a wider chance of gaining appeal than it’s peers. It reminds you of the early days when electronic dance music was just that, underground electronic dance music only appreciated by the people who knew about it and well, the addition of vaporwave just makes the package look sweeter.

I don’t know if there are any others but this one is a one of a kind package that must be listened to. I swear vaporwave just keeps getting more and more interesting everyday with it’s crazy genre creation abilities and if you haven’t gotten inspiration yet or found your muse, maybe you’ll find it in this album.

Rated 5/5


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