Aesthetic, a word commonly associated with vaporwave. Aestethics usually consist of the color purple and feature outdated technolgy and tons of statues but here, you got a album cover which is the least aesthetic of any vaporwave release. It’s cover is green and there’s a mysterious person with his eyes blacked out and the only thing resembling vaporwave is the japanese characters on the cover.

It’s interesting to see diversions in vaporwave, especially in both the music and the art.

Much of it here can be placed in the main vaporwave genre except for the fact that it’s more advant garde and dystopic than most albums. The sounds here are smooth and melodic, containing some filtering but mostly a combination of good mixing and good reverbiation to provide that certain effect and many of the tracks here are more ambitious and more discomforting than regular vaporwave tracks, providing a sense of grandness and dystopia not seen in many vaporwave records.

Though the album is based on love, much of the sound tells a tale of a future where love and all other concepts related to humanity are owned by a very small number of corporations with very large monopolies and finding love requires you to bow down to their whim. That’s the wonder of music, the songs themselves can tell a story that goes beyond the description. Many vaporwave producers pitch down their sounds or add lo-fi but very few can make it feel like something representive of dystopic visions of the future. This however is a bleak vision of the future set to instrumentals stiched together to form a soundtrack.

This album is going to be an inspiration to many to step their game up; vaporwave has gotten stale with it’s staleness and repitition and here comes TVVIN_PINEZ_M4LL with his bleakness and his production skill in order to make something Deltron 3030 would be proud of. If you had an idea of what you wanted to do with vaporwave after you did everything you could do with it, here is the opportunity.

In short, this is a vaporwave album that breaks down barriers while not alienating it’s core audience. This is as bleak as regular vaporwave is going to get people.


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