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One of the many benefits of vaporwave is that you don’t have to continually release work in order to remain relevant; all you have to do is release one album or piece of art and hoping that it becomes super popular, be immortalized in the vaporwave hall of fame. Unknown Caller is just one of these artists and his project “Goodbye Florida” is a one and done deal.

This is vaporwave at it’s purest with lots of chopping, pitched down samples and vice influences. Everything is filtered out and distorted for that lo-fidelity VHS sound and it’s more abstract than your usual vaporwave record. For one, it places you in an awkward position. Most vaporwave albums take you somewhere but this is unique in that it makes you feel awkward and it makes the world feel awkward as well; with the abrupt chops and unusual samples, it definately puts a different spin on the usual experience and that is commendable.

It’s also a rawer experience than your usual vaporwave experience. While vaporwave producers take special care into making their thing sound pleasurable, this thing is like the guy was just making music and not caring about the final aspects of it which is a good thing as you don’t get music that isn’t polished nowadays. While Floral Shoppe and Dream Sequins are quasisential classics, they are polished and refined to the point where you could see yourself in them. This one just doesn’t care whether you could see yourself; it’s only concerned about itself. It helps to make it stand out from the crowd.

Is it as revolutionary as those 2 albums? No.

It’s different. It tells a decent story about vice and sin in Miami and the consequence of it but it doesn’t bring anything new to the table except for the rawness of it. It takes some familiar aspects, some familiar samples and produced it in a rawer, different way. If anything this’ll inspire more producers to make rawer vaporwave but for the most part, it’s not a revolutionary step forward in the vaporwave genre.

Should you still get this album? I say yes because it’s an interesting listen. It’s well produced, it’s honest with itself and it’s something that you should listen to just to understand vaporwave. Shame we’ll never hear more from this artist but then again, we don’t need to hear more; he’s already proven his point with this album.

Rated 4.2/5


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