Vaporwave artists come from across the world; some from Poland, others from Sweden, there are even a few in Japan but did you know that there was a vaporwave artist in France? and he’s quite good as well?

This guy certainly got the aesthetic of vaporwave right; low-fidelity samples, low-pitched samples and a sense of nostalgia. There’s also some glitch work in there which is impressive… Alot of it is well put together and can definately put you in the mood when the time is right; if there’s anything that vaporwave can prove, it’s that anybody can be an artist if they understand the artform.

Much of it however sounds like a lesser Vektroid in that it’s good per say but there isn’t anything special about it. If this guy is looking to get hired in the music business for his talents alone then I’ll say this album is an acomplishment but as a form of entertainment it’s lacking something… Some innovation, some risk, something that screams vaporwave while taking the genre forward.

In the vaporwave genre, trends are invented quicker than you can say anything and in this world you’re only as good as your skills behind the boards. There are people who like this sort of stuff but often move on to other things once they’ve exhausted what can be done with it and there’s a reason why vaporwave doesn’t all sound like INTERNET CLUB; you gotta have some variety inbetween otherwise you’d get bored of the genre and music in general.

While this is a decent album, there’s no theme or risk to make it worthwhile. Don’t get me wrong, Zadig The Jasp is a good producer but he doesn’t know how to make an album that’s not a collection of unrelated tracks. I have a feeling that his best work is hiding somewhere in plain sight but if this was your first introduction to Zadig The Jasp; you’d probably listen to FLORAL SHOPPE again.


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