On this spotlight, we’re going to do something different. Normally vaporwave tracks are a few minutes long and vaporwave albums usually consist of 5-15 tracks but this guy is doing something different in that his albums usually have two to three songs and are at max, one minute long. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Mack Saffron from Poland…

Mack Saffron isn’t a musician per say but a artist who just happens to make music. While traditional vaporwave music is about nostalgia, failed dreams and far out futures, everything about his or her work differs from traditional vaporwave in that it reflects emotion. One moment it could be all happy and the next it could be confusing and scary.

Every song on his Bandcamp page is an individual piece of art, not a cohesive project; one that takes time to analyze and truly appreciate. While he has one project that is longer than 3 tracks, it’s more of a demonstration of what he can do as an artist; one thing’s for sure, he’s definately not a musician.

The persona of this artist could best be described as mysterious; with the skill of a experienced musician and the usage of words in a way that’s more simplistic and childlike. He’s someone you’ll want to follow, get to know; except for the fact that not much information exists on him which makes the mystery even more unique. He could be any age, any persona and have any goals; in fact you could create your own backstory for him and it would match up to what he’d be doing now.

This guy also has a grasp of what vaporwave is all about.

In a world where vaporwave is increasingly becoming a musical genre, one has to step back and realize that there is still people who do it for the art rather than for the music; this guy is one of them. I encourage you to check out his bandcamp page and give him all the support he needs. Even if his work gets somewhat repitious, it’s worth it to at least appreciate art rather than take it for granted.

Check out his Bandcamp profile here.


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