Here at VapoUrban, we’re discovering new and old stuff all the time. With it’s ever branching subgenres there’s a lot of stuff to tackle and sometimes we dig upon gems that need to be showcased. This is one of them…

This originally came to me through someone self-promoting through Twitter; self-promotion is essential in vaporwave and I wouldn’t of found out about this otherwise.

So… It’s 3:00 AM, you just came home from an awkward day at the club and you just want to vibe out except you can’t because aggression is on your mind. Can’t listen to chill vaporwave or futurefunk as it doesn’t click to you so what do you do? You listen to what is essentially distorted, filtered out and generally grimy punk rock, also known as “netband”; though I like to call it “vaporpunk”.

Where do you go to listen to it? Well… The only label doing it right now is Online Records.

Online Records is not like any ordinary record label. This one isn’t concerned with what is vaporwave; it has some vaporwave aesthetics but this is mostly underground stuff very few people will get. As a kid growing up around punk but preferring hip-hop, I understood it’s frantic qualities instantly. This has all of the elements of punk yet all of the wear of lo-fi vaporwave; it’s mood is… how shall I say it, down, depressing and aggressive.

If you can’t get through 10 seconds of that, I wouldn’t blame you as it’s radically different music. It’s audience is a unique one; aggressive people who just want to zone out to music they like. I’m unfortunately part of that audience but I only say unfortunately because I have a condition that only genetic modification can cure; if I needed something to vibe out on then this is it because well, it reflects how I feel.

It’s sort of like hardcore hip-hop or hardcore or even industrial in that these people are angry and are willing to manipulate the sound to deal with their emotions. Every artist is pissed off at the world and utilize sound in an emotional way; thus making the person either feel bad or making the person feel accepted depending on what mood they’re in. It may seem repetitive at first but look at chill/ambient/noise music, it’s sound designed to please you except for times when they praise it as “music”.

The origins of this are mysterious, the people who are on it are mysterious but vaporwave is mysterious in itself and this label is a reflection of the underground few people are able to find.

So if you’re in a bad mood and/or want to see what underground vaporwave is all about; check out Online Records. It may put you off or it may put you on… Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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