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In the world of ambient vaporwave, things sure get crazier and crazier. People use more instruments, more sounds and switch up the styles to innovate and further spread the genre. الوهيم is one of those people who might push the ambient vaporwave genre forward while breaking new ground in music and his album “♦☼♦”; is a show and prove moment.

The entire thing sounds like if Arabic music and Japanese music met and had a baby; there is nothing familiar but at the same time, it does embrace some of the ethos of vaporwave. Some samples are pitched down and there’s a crunched feeling to the sound as well which makes for a trippy listening experience. The sounds are unusually sequenced in a way that builds tension and emotional impact making it feel like a soundtrack of sorts; this is the type of thing that John Williams would compose had vaporwave existed in the 80s.

In a time when ambient vaporwave is stale, this is a breath of fresh air to the entire genre. There’s only so much you can do with 80s drums, 80s synths and 80s guitars so to see somebody show what they can do to the genre is in itself impressive; if anything this album shows that more people need to use oriental sounds in their vaporwave music as oriental sounds transport you beyond the 80s and into feudal japan where everything was more modest but less advanced.

I’m serious, these albums are creating subgenres like mad crazy and the people need to take advantage of the innovations that new vaporwave provides. I’m disappointed in the number of people who chose to stay in the same lane; music was meant to be innovated and manipulated and this guy, this guy is doing what few people are already doing but not many and he is innovating. This is sort of like 18 Carat Affair was doing when they were creating new-age ambient music except it’s next level stuff; 18 Carat Affair influenced a lot of vaporwave, why couldn’t this album.

If you need to vibe out and chill and are tired of the traditional ambient vaporwave than this album is for you, it’s got everything you need to transport you beyond the 80s and to feudal japan where different vibes exist for you.

Rated 5/5


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