Cities have long been a titular concept behind vaporwave. Some of them are utopias, many of them are dystopias but few of them are unique concepts. KYS City sounds like some far-out, trippy metaphorical land and ☒ & Electric • Dreamscombine forces in order to present the city to you.

☒’s tracks sound like a combination of regular vaporwave with some gritty elements inbetween. Many of the tracks have that raw, underground feel to them through the use of grimy synths and those tracks reflect the environment of KYS City. The lack of empathy that everybody has, the isolation of everybody that has empathy, all of that is presented well and effectively. The other tracks have pitched down adult contemporary samples that reflect the sorrow in living in KYS City and those somber moments help balance things out and make things more human, if there’s anything that helps you get through the album, it’s those somber moments.

☒’s tracks are good but Electric • Dreams really makes the feeling complete with hard, gritty vaporwave (bordering on vaportrap) tracks that really reflect on the corrupt and distorted nature of the city. It’s not as smooth as Blank Banshee if you were expecting that but what they are is grimy and hard-hitting. These are sounds that make you feel uncomfortable but comfortable at the same time, your visualizations of the city will always come out wrong when listening to these tracks and that’s a good thing because the entire city and the concept of it is wrong. This isn’t vaporwave adhering to morals, this is moralless vaporwave with a purpose to not give a care in the world.

The two seperate producers each give their takes on the city and though seperate, form together to provide a cohesive piece; it’s like the two were on the same brainwave or something. This cohesiveness really enhances the album and makes it’s long running time forgivable, if you wanted to listen to or replay this album then better have some time because this is one long album. Some tracks are 8 minutes long and while that’s not a detractor, it’s something you should know.

☒ & Electric • Dreams execute their vision successfully by making “KYS City” a vision that’s disturbing and terrifying at the same time. They both have different styles but they mesh together in order to make something that’s a guilty pleasure. Simply put, this is an interesting vaporwave album.


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