「newtype」has been one of those guys who’s been killing it in the vaporwave genre. His covers are impeccable, his sounds transcend vaporwave and he knows what he wants in his music. Though this may be one of his earlier albums before his breakthrough trilogy, it shows the immense talent that he has.

This album mixes the glorious luxury lifestyle with grandiose tendencies and a sense of hopelessness, all of the sounds here are smooth and luxurious while following vaporwave ethos; everything is made to feel like you’re in a luxury plaza, one where everybody is your friend if the price is right and everything has a deceptive side to it. That deceptive side makes the album dynamic as it shows cohesiveness in the album but it also shows multifacity, the thing that makes albums interesting to listen to especially on repeat listens.

Speaking of multifacity, the mixing, mastering and placement of everything is spot on. When he wants to showcase a certain appeal to it, he makes it clearer and when he wants to make something feel off, he filters it and makes it muddy. He doesn’t do it on random tracks though, everything has a purpose and a meaning which helps to create the world of the album and also a story which is subjective to perception.

And you can’t forget about the samples. The samples here are wisely picked to provide you with that luxurious environment. From background music that sounds bright to low-key songs that are more sophisticated than the pop songs of the 80s, everything here contributes to the environment of the album. There are some 80s pop songs thrown in there for good measure but they still work inside of the album. You know the saying goes, the musical knowledge of the vaporwave artist determines his uniqueness and skill and this guy fits the saying perfectly.

「newtype」is one of those artists who works hard and is rightly rewarded for his work and this album is no exception. Though it would take him a while to blow up, this album is an example of devotion, determination, fine craftsmanship and most importantly, work ethic. The music is there, the ethos is there, everything is practically there so what more could you want?


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