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猫 シ Corp. has a wide variety of styles and a wide range of skills. He can go from traditional vaporwave to mallsoft in an instant and on this album “Palm Mall”, he showcases the two genres in what can be considered an example of perfection.

The first half consists of a 22 minute track that is mallsoft all the way through. It’s an ambient track set in a mall with various announcements giving a sense of realism. It’s incredibly distant and empty which is the norm for mallsoft but the fact that he was able to combine a sense of business with a sense of emptiness is amazing. It’s like I’m living the mall dream with my mind visualizing an 80s state of mind and the best part about it is that it doesn’t interfere with the rest of the album.

The second half is more traditional with seperate tracks and short track lengths. This is the vaporwave you come to expect and love and while much of it isn’t risk taking, much of it is well produced and fits in with the theme of the album. The best part about a 猫 シ Corp. album is that you know what you’re getting which is quality; it’s pleasant to listen to and it puts you in the mood, the same mood as the first half of the album.

If anything, this is an example of what 猫 シ Corp. can truly do. This is the reason why he has grown from an underling to one of the top vaporwave artists in the game, because of his hard work ethic and the fact that he can do many styles. In a vaporwave record, everything has to be a certain flavor and have a certain cohesiveness in order for it to work, it’s hard work getting everything right but he manages to do it. This one guy manages to earn his place in the top 10 of vaporwave producers.

Some people may choose sides, some may be weary of the fact that it sounds the same but it’s impressive alone in that it shows what 猫 シ Corp. can truly do. If you’re wondering what all the hype is about, this is the album to get.

Rated 4.5/5


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