Vaporwave records are usually one consistent genre or subgenre with some deviation in between. Rarely are there two sides to an album with different content (like “INTERNATIONAL FLIGHT EXPERIENCE 421”) but this one is special in that there are two sides; one upbeat and one downbeat.

The first side is some upbeat experimental futurefunk and boy is it funky. This sounds like someone took some synth pianos, some smooth jazz and hard drums and combined them to make something special. This doesn’t sound like traditional futurefunk moreso does it sound like jazz funk and indie dance mixed in with futurefunk; the way it’s mastered is clear and unlike anything considered vaporwave which helps set you up for what’s to come, plus you can dance to them in a manner that’s absolutely expressive.

The second side is, how shall I put it? If the first side was manic than this side must be the depression. This is more in tune to what you expect; slowed down, distant beats that make you feel empty inside. If the album started with mallsoft tracks then you wouldn’t expect this but this is a major shock to the first half of the album. In stark contrast, everything here is filtered out and heavily faded providing a contrast to the album that wouldn’t of been expected.

The two sides combined however tell a story about life in the airport; one day it’s busy and the next it’s distant. This makes it one of the more unexpected surprises in the world of vaporwave since everything is so consistent and nobody would ever dare to make two sides with completely different genres. It may have competition in the form of “INTERNATIONAL FLIGHT EXPERIENCE 421” but who cares about that? More people need to take risks and make more albums in the vein of the album I mentioned above, not only does it provide risk but it does provide story and character; something few albums could use more of.

Despite all that, the album isn’t anything special but it is special for it’s risktaking. If this and “INTERNATIONAL FLIGHT EXPERIENCE 421” has proven, it’s that people want more collaborations and more two genre albums in the future. We’re getting tired of the same old vaporwave with the same old story, give us a more unique story please.


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