You know the old saying goes; if you listened to one album, you’ve listened to them all. I wish it weren’t true for all albums but this album verifies the old saying. Now vaporwave is a decent genre, it has lots of variation and can be manipulated into any form to the point of creating new subgenres; many albums are also cohesive and short with overlapping themes and samples.

I’m just going to spoil it now, this is the longest vaporwave album to date.

Initially, the album gets off to a good start with some of the greatest vaporwave production I have ever seen. The samples here are distinctly to remind you of a better era, one where fun and good times reigned supreme. The first few tracks have that distinctive flavor that only vaporwave can provide with tons of chopping, tons of reverb, some filtering and of course, a taste of the 80s; this lets you into the fact that maybe this album is going to be something very, very good pushing vaporwave forward while staying true to it’s roots?

Then the album starts to get boring and stale.

There is no variation with the tracks; despite different samples, every song sounds the same and feels the same. There’s no surprises like Floral Shoppe or homages like Dream Sequins (two albums which I hold in high regard), everything just sounds like something that everybody has done before better, including the artist himself. There’s also no story or sequencing to the albums; if this were an actual greatest hits then it would go immediately to the bargain bin since this would be a showcase of the actual artist instead of the works he has made.

By the time the last tracks come up, you have already gone for lunch or started to take a shower but you left it on because you feel compelled to finish it. It’s a pleasure to have the album end; not because it’s bad or anything but because it’s over-bloated and mediocre. There aren’t even many short tracks either, every track is long… like 3-4 minutes long. Sometimes artists do 15 minute tracks but it’s rounded out with shorter tracks. With every listen it feels more and more like a chore instead of entertainment.

Maybe this is why they proclaim “vaporwave is dead”.

In short, this is music for people who are contempt with vaporwave and want more of the same. The first few tracks are good but everything after that is just… nobody will care much for them. There’s much more innovative albums out there for your listening pleasure.


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