Back when I was discovering vaporwave, one of the first tracks I listened to was “The Dress” by 회사AUTO when I didn’t know there were subgenres behind traditional vaporwave. I thought it was pretty cool at first but as soon as I started to expand my horizons and listen to lots of vaporwave music, it became less and less cool and as soon as I listened to “Greatest Hits”, it lost it’s cool factor altogether.

“The Lovers Pure” is the album where that song came from and since it’s an earlier album I was hoping that well, maybe that “Greatest Hits” album was a fluke, surely he has something up his sleeve right?

I’m beginning to think 회사AUTO is the most overrated vaporwave artist ever.

For the first few minutes of the album it promises an interesting concept and some pretty interesting sounds. Notice that all the tracks start with “The” and notice how clean it sounds while exploring different territory. The album actually sounds pretty good during this time with a sound that’s vaporwave but retro chic at the same time; it throws off a sense of cool that’s distinct and unique and I can understand why there are people who are fans of him. In addition the tracks seem to blend into each other providing a sense of cohesiveness and consistency that many vaporwave albums have but few can actually nail.

A problem arises in that the appeal wears off rather quickly leaving you with a lot of songs that sound alike and feel alike. Everything then becomes one long trip that you just want to end ruining the initial appeal of the album that it had from the beginning. It would be appreciable if there were distractions but there aren’t much in the way of that; it’s like he has no idea how to branch out and keep the listeners interest.

I can’t blame him for sticking to what works but how many people outside of regular vaporwave have heard of 회사AUTO? I don’t blame you if you don’t know about him because he produces the same stuff for long durations. Even though the tracks are shorter here, this feels the same as “Greatest Hits” which he released a couple of years later. Making it in music relies on you retaining integrity and branching out; after all, people get tired of the same stuff over and over and over again. The best vaporwave artists can branch out and do any genre effortlessly. Nmesh, Dan Mason, Vektroid, KAHN 美的 just to name a few and their names are still relevant today.

회사AUTO’s fans will eat this up like it’s candy, even some casual listeners will appreciate this but 회사AUTO is just another vaporwave artist (a famous one at that) and this is just another vaporwave album that’s too similar, too long and not daring enough. This is not an album you’d want to listen to if you want a better impression of vaporwave.


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