Full disclosure, I follow yummyvhs on soundcloud so I’m aware of his vaporwave music; however this is the full time I’ve come across a full project from him and I see that no one supported it which makes me sad. VapoUrban is all about supporting everyone and reviewing every project known to man. I’ll give it my best shot to give him some exposure.

Immediately you can sense immense talent from this guy as he makes soundscapes that sound like a mixture of ambient with 70s instruments. That’s not to say he can’t do 80s well and he chops them up like nobodies business. Giving a sense of disarray throughout the perfection thus making the project human. Never since 18 Carat Affair have we seen a vaporwave artist sample the 70s; nowadays it’s all about 80s and 90s music but this guy is bringing it back to the classics.

Some of the samples may be overtly recognizable and that will put off some people, in fact there are too many recognizable samples in here. Though he does his best to make them sound unique, it can’t hide the fact that too many people have already covered the same material as him. If anything he should of continued down the 18 Carat Affair path for the entire album as that’s something that’s rarely done in vaporwave.

Still, can’t neglect the talent; many of the tracks sound weird and dope at the same time which is rare for a new vaporwave artist coming up in the game. Abstract is the word best used to describe them as the best tracks feature some stuff I’ve never even seen before. This is gamechanging and could push the genre forward has he have the time to improve his skill. vaporwave may not be a profitable venue but at least it’s community focused and there’s much love to be found.

For a new producer, my expectations were fulfilled. He’s got a way to go but this is a very promising album that shows what he can truly do. If you’re reading this yummyvhs, don’t give up; the vaporwave community needs an artist like you to do what you do.


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