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One thing about vaporwave is how it goes against or celebrates corporatism. In many cases corporatism is ideas pushed on by the machine but in few cases it refers to office culture and business; this album is a representation of corporate culture mixed in with vaporwave, also known as “officesoft”.

This thing is designed to be the opposite of boosting morale, instead making you fear the corporate overlords. Many tracks come from the Miami tropical book with everything sounding exotic while sounding fake at the same time; those tracks signify the exploitation of music for the sole purpose of creating synergy which gives depth to the album and signifies the office concept.

The other tracks either feel like office background lounge music or in the case of corporate culture, motivational anthems from the 80s. The synths sound pleasing but corporate at the same time and the way they’re used really make for an interesting contrast between the office world and reality.

Everything here is distorted, out of tune and off-beat further exposing the office culture we used to know so well. The mastering here is say, distant but not too distant and worn out but not too worn out. It has a modest sound to it which is a combination of clean sounds with some wear to make it feel realistic and the cohesiveness on this is amazing; it actually feels like I’m watching a corporate presentation or being pressured by my boss to do more work. It’s that awkwardness, that distortion of perception of reality that really makes listening to this album interesting.

Is it a classic? No but it comes pretty darn close to being a definitive representation of “officesoft”. It’s got the aspects that you want from corporatism but focused on the office, it sounds really good and best of all, it’s got the cohesiveness that the best vaporwave albums have. Only fault is that is sounds too similar but if you want to try a different take on corporatism, here it is.

Rated 4.4/5


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