In the world of post-vaporwave, everything isn’t as smooth as it seems. Things seem more disjointed and everything sounds more distant than ever before. Lots of people are jumping on board the post-vaporwave bandwagon, including existing electronic producers. “You Might Die Trying” by Alex Movers seems like the kind of album that isn’t vaporwave but is it just another instance of a person jumping on a bandwagon.

The answer would be yes.

Everything about this album though sounding unlike anything that’s traditionally vaporwave lacks experimentation and risk. The thing about “vaporwave is dead” is that it managed to flip vaporwave on it’s heels, making something that’s completely different, new and unexpected; while the sounds may feel like they’ve been wrangled through broken speakers, it feels as if somebody did the same as everybody else which is resample and make things sound like it came from a computer meaning that it sounds different but only slightly different.

The atmosphere here is best described as moody and unstable which is the norm for post-vaporwave but it still feels like he’s obligated to try to put people in the mood. Post-vaporwave is the opposite of the norms of vaporwave, it may follow some ethos but it’s entirely different from vaporwave; any obligation to fulfill past notions of vaporwave is just an uncertainty of the project itself and the artist who is afraid that his project isn’t going to do well if it doesn’t have some “vaporwave aesthetics” in there.

The last track is the best track sorely for the reason that it’s apocalyptic and resembles post-vaporwave more than the other tracks. It’s an example of what the album could of been had the artist in general been more confident of itself. Every artist likes a subgenre but feels like his skill is best suited to making similar music; electronica was made to be experimented with, it was made to incorporate every style possible and even blend them. Those who break from the norm, those who make unique music; those are the leaders of vaporwave and every electronic genre.

This is just another vaporwave album; it claims to be post-vaporwave but it’s really just another vaporwave album with an environment that’s not fully realized and that’s all I have to say.


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