b l u e s c r e e n and ΔCID.rar are two artists that should be popular yet languash in the background. This is another line in a series of collaboration albums between the two that should of blown up, yet doesn’t have any supporters on bandcamp. Which is a shame because these two people are talented pieces of work and this album is very good.

These two really show their skill in versitility and cohesiveness as much of the album goes through one consecutive theme yet features a variety of moods; one time it’s positive 80s new wave music, other times it’s haunting hard synths that make you feel like you’re in a cheap thriller movie and most of the time it’s the vaporwave you’re used to except done to perfection. It’s sort of like a soundtrack with it’s high moments and low moments, the mastering could either be hard and crunchy or smooth and vivid and it really helps to make the vaporwave music they make human and expressive.

While the two have talent, it feels like they’re taking common vaporwave themes and reusing them but they are reusing them in their own way. Everybody has made an album about a computer nowadays so it’s slightly disappointing to see them take the same route with this album. Still, they manage to incorporate elements that make them stand out and these are people who not only started their own label, but probably been around since the beginning of vaporwave; therefore they have respect for the genre and it’s origins but are not afraid to expand their horizons.

I’m certain these two will break out eventually and become the next Vektroid(s), they just have to with the work they’re putting in and this album is no slouch either. It is an example of the raw talent they have even if the themes are reused. It has variety and it sounds good so what more do you expect?


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