“lo-fi”, it’s a term that’s been associated with vaporwave from the beginning. Many of the early vaporwave albums took samples and crunched and pitched them down thus providing similarities with chopped and screwed hip-hop but from a radically different perspective. It’s funny that hip-hop and vaporwave haven’t been mixed up yet since the two have a lot of similarities. This is where Back Alley Kat comes in.

“seasons” is not technically a vaporwave album, it’s more like a lo-fi hip-hop beat tape but it’s released on a vaporwave label. The beats here sound fresh and crisp, the drums here are programmed like traditional hip-hop yet the resampling and the distortion used make then hit hard and the samples? Well the samples stay true to hip-hop traditions yet adapt some vaporwave ethos; they immediately put you in the mood the moment they start by fitting the feel provided by the drums. There would be some problems if the sample and drums didn’t match but they do.

The consistency is off the charts, every beat may not lead into each other but the quality is quite superb. This guy has practiced his craft over and over and over until he got it right. Every production trick from the book is there from the drums dominating the samples to the bass sounding phat and vivid and none of those tricks manage to overstay their welcome. It’s like he was destined to do this.

The fact that it’s not technically a vaporwave album puts it in the position to do more things than the average vaporwave release. For one, it could draw fans who aren’t exactly into vaporwave and vice versa. It’s sort of like the arbiter destined to bring the two together. For so long the cultures have been far apart
so to see an album like this pop up is a boon for the culture, something that should be praised as the second coming of Jesus.

For a beat tape, this is pretty amazing. For a pseudo vaporwave album, this is also pretty amazing. Lo-fi hip-hop will be the newest genre of both vaporwave and hip-hop and it’s going to be thanks to this album. The beats are amazing, the quality is consistent and his quality is impeccable. In my opinion, he should be out there showcasing his talent in his hometown. He’s that good.


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I just got the cassette in the mail today. I love this album! Like you said, some might not consider this vaporwave but I really don’t see why not. Besides, for something this good, who cares? Its drum-driven and melancholy and I can’t get enough.


Thanks for the review! This album had to be one of my favorites to release, it’s really nice to see the community enjoying it as well.