After the birth of “Vaporwave Is Dead”, it seems like there was a source for underground vaporwave to be categorized as. It was categorized as “hard vapour” and this is one of the albums that was spawned from the categorization.

Everything about it is anti-vaporwave though not as anti-vaporwave as “Vaporwave Is Dead”, the sounds are hard and crunchy yet clear at the same time which is the norm for “hard vapour” but did you know that “hard vapour” can incorporate sounds of guitars and grimy synths into it’s mixture? This is what happens here as the entire atmosphere is darker than you’d expect if you were just coming off of regular vaporwave and it’s totally expected if you are a fan of hard vapour music.

The sounds and images here are anti-corporate and anti-mainstream. This wasn’t destined for a wide audience, more so for the underground who like their hair all spiky and their clothes all worn out and nonconformist. You can’t vibe out to it, nor can you find any meaning behind it. It’s all chaos and fury so the only thing you can do is rock out to it like madmen. Hard vapour is one of two vaporwave subgenres that don’t follow traditional vaporwave ethos alongside netband music so don’t say I didn’t warn you if you were expecting traditional vaporwave.

The mastering and mixing in contrast to the sounds is sort of professional, sort of raw. Which is to say that it’s more honest with itself as many of the prominent sounds like the drums and synths come in harder and harsher than anything else. It reminds me of the early days when records were sounding more and more unpolished just to get the listeners attention in a world where everything is radio friendly and polished; while you can’t bring those days back, you can harken back to a time when this era existed.

In a world of post-vaporwave is dead, this is one of the best hard vapour albums out there, it doesn’t care about anything at all and that raw infliction is something that most vaporwave albums will never have. If you care about the underground movement and hard vapour then it’s best to pick up this album ASAP.


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