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Tributes to everything exist in all forms from music to art to websites. This takes it to the next level and builds a vaporwave album around the concept of the television show “Fraiser”; in this case it’s one part weird, one part amazing and one part innovative. This is the dawn of a new era in television worship, also known as “fraiserwave”.

The term best used to describe “fraiserwave” is “a trip through Fraiser’s state of mind”; this isn’t no vaporwave album with snippets from the show interspersed in between. No these are samples which are used in very trippy ways (presumably from the show) in order to provide an interpretation of “Fraiser’s state of mind”. Every sample is pitched down and chopped excessively in order to provide the feeling that you’re in an unstable mindstate that everybody else pays attention to but you think is normal; the sounds provided showcase a sense of insecurity and distortion as the album plays to completion. You can’t help to wonder if this is truly Fraiser we’re listening to, or the writers controlling Fraiser.

The theme here is cohesive throughout as you feel senses of self-doubt and apathy towards everybody else but himself. If you watched “Fraiser” and listened to this expecting to find something praising “Fraiser”, you’d be absolutely wrong and you might end up hating him to be honest. This is human music right here, emotional music that will make you feel uncomfortable at every turn and if you’re as twisted and demented as Fraiser then you’re going to love every bit of it and hate yourself afterwards because seriously, this is one messed up mindstate this guy has.

chris†††; not only defies vaporwave but defies the sense of tribute by facing the mirror towards the fans who think this type of behavior is funny and acceptable. It exposes the fans for being ignorant and supportive of this type of behavior and man a revelation it is. This is the anti-bizarro-tribute, something that you wish didn’t exist but unfortunately does and even if you stripped it of it’s niche narrative, it would still say something about you because that’s the type of album it is; honest and brutal.

This album is a classic not only for it’s unique take on vaporwave but because of it’s realness, it’s honesty. Few vaporwave albums can take something as niche as “Fraiser” and turn it into something ugly but beautiful at the same time. It’s the sort of thing you listen to when you need a reality check and well, don’t we all need truth in our lives?

Rated 5/5

T. Karras

Musician/artist/writer/vaporwave admirer/creator of this website. Truly a part of something special.

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Rather than pay for cable I purchased a large antennae that picks up whatever broadcasts are passing by. Most everything on TV now is in Korean, Spanish, or Polish. The saving grace is a channel that seems to have a marathon of Frasier every night. If I listen to this tape will I ever be able to watch it again?


Will you ever get tired of tossed salads and scrambled eggs??