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The funny thing about any musical genre is that multiple genres can be blended; in vaporwave this is possible but this is rarely done. This is what Cinepak’s debut album “Artic Fox” attempts to do, blend the various subgenres together in an example of harmony between believers of other genres. Surfice to say it, he succeeded.

From the getgo you can tell that this thing sounds incredibly good, like he put in the extra effort to make this stand out. There’s a wide variety of styles used from the excessive chopping to the lo-fi sounds to even the samples of which many of them are in high fidelity and every bit of style is used in order to make the distinctive style that you hear throughout the album. This is a highly reflective album full of hope and positivity, every sound has that good vibes feeling that you get from futurefunk yet the sort of drowned out vibe that you get from vaporwave… This combination is rarely attempted and yet he does it amazingly well.

While there may be 80s elements supersceded in the packaging, this doesn’t sound like anything that’s a distant memory; in fact everything is clear and vivid in the world of Cinepak. It provides an interesting contrast that’s sure to provoke repeat listenings of the album and you’ll be asking yourself, how can one embrace vaporwave ethos and make something that’s different than vaporwave ethos? The description promises something entirely different and that sets you up for the surprise you’re going to be getting yourself into. Only fault is that if you take descriptions literally then you might be disapointed.

This is amazingly good and different but it’s not a definitive classic. Why is that?, well it’s because it doesn’t exactly break through and do something to change the genre. It’s a harmony of subgenres yes but what can it do that “Vaporwave Is Dead” cannot? It’s still a good album and one that is worthy of your time.

Rated 4.7/5

T. Karras

Musician/artist/writer/vaporwave admirer/creator of this website. Truly a part of something special.

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Ken Adams
Ken Adams

Pretentious and tedious af, would not recommend.

Kurt Cassidy
Kurt Cassidy

Average. Okay for a first release