Ambiance, it’s the one thing that defines everything. In vaporwave, it’s all about ambiance and “분위기 محيط ب a m b i e n c e z o n e 雰囲気” is all about one thing, ambiance. Though in this specific case, it’s all about the chill mood.

The sounds here are a mixture of vaportrap and ambient music. Nothing here requires you to be on a high (though it’s preferred), it’s all smooth clear sounds that sound excellent on your stereo system. The music here is melodic and provides a modest pace giving you something of an experience throughout the album, I say modest because the clear drums with the typical trap drum patterns change up the tempo a bit and they are on many songs.

The sounds here don’t sound like traditional vaporwave but they do follow vaporwave ethos meaning expect samples of nostalgia throughout the album. The vaporwave ethos meshes nicely with the smooth sounds providing a cohesive package that is instantly replayable and every replay you give it, you’ll gain further appreciation for the album. Some tracks are short, some tracks are long but the most important thing is that all tracks are good.

While Blank Banshee may have innovated vaportrap. Artists like cyberocean are taking the genre in new directions by making it less crazy and more ambient. This is the next logical step in vaportrap and I’m glad that people are doing it because if everything was like Blank Banshee than vaportrap would be just another subgenre. Same goes for every subgenre of music there is.

This is quite a plesant and elevating experience. Everything elevates you to new levels while keeping you grounded and it’s a step forward for vaportrap as a whole. If you’re looking for the ultimate vaportrap/chill album than this is for you.


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