Vektroid perfected vaporwave while also making a magnum opus when releasing her Floral Shoppe album under her MACINTOSH PLUS alias. While Dan Mason may not be in the position to do the same as Vektroid, he definately defines a magnum opus while perfecting his own vision of vaporwave with his album “Miami Virtual”.

Let’s cut to the chase shall we… This is 9 tracks of miami goodness; everything is made to feel like Miami did in the 80s while at the same time made to feel like it was playing from a computer with an inferior digital sampler. This provides the perfect balance of nostalgia for the computer age and nostalgia for the art-deco influenced look of the 80s, so much so in fact that it sort of reminds you of “Miami Vice”, the artist who made 3 albums then disappeared into computer heaven, never to be seen again.

This album is beautiful in that it makes the Miami of the 80s feel like art. The sequencing here tells a story while also putting you through the glory days of Miami. Who knows what the story is, it’s open to intrepretation which is what this really is. The wonder of vaporwave albums that tell a story is that you can decide what you’re feeling; is it happiness, is it sadness, is it something else altogether. It doesn’t make you feel like you’re in the movie Scarface (no vaporwave will ever be Scarface) but it does make you feel like a tourist embracing what Miami has to offer.

Everything about this album is amazing, even the packaging is amazing. This really feels like retro vaporwave but at the same time it isn’t; this is a masterpiece that will satisfy fans old and new of vaporwave and it is of course, Dan Mason’s magnum opus. Now if it were released during the early days of vaporwave then there’d be a different story as to it’s origins but still, shout out to the originators; including Vektroid.


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