Dan Mason has been known to be one of the best in vaporwave but with this album “Summer Love”, he has finally jumped past his influences to become the true master of vaporwave.

His last masterpiece was Florida influenced vaporwave but this right here is Florida influenced futurefunk. It’s a radical change that’ll leave people scratching their heads but ultimately understanding once they listen to the album and boy is it one big trip. Everything here is bigger and better than Miami Virtual; the songs, the samples, the infectious drums, even the vibes. It all mixes together to form a sort of nostalgic but current sound that really meshes with the ethos of vaporwave yet is its own beast altogether.

The album is 100% danceable. Everything has been finely tuned in order to give out that Florida vibe that you instantly recognize as the heyday of Florida yet make you move and grove. Every track here is a classic from the first track to the last with instantly recognizable choruses and lyrics that while sampled, still feel as original here than they did on their original songs. The fact that he’s able to switch up his style and yet still remain faithful to his old style shows that he has a lot of styles in him thus making him an exceptional producer in a genre where everything is becoming stale.

I’m amazed at how tightly cohesive this is. There is nothing out of place or detracting to the theme at hand, every track seems to be friends with each other and that leads to an amazing experience. This is something that even SAINT PEPSI can’t even touch and he’s the master of futurefunk; this may have Daft Punk influences but this doesn’t even sound like he was influenced by Daft Punk, it sounds like he was influenced by himself.

If you’re a fan of futurefunk, vaporwave and even Miami Vice style sounds than this album is for you. It’s equal to or better than Miami Virtual and if you’re looking for a brand new dance record then hey, this is for you. Dan Mason has always surprised me with every record and this is no exception so what are you waiting for?


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