Daft Punk’s “Discovery” predated and influenced the genre of futurefunk and with Daft Punk’s recent album “Random Access Memories”, mixing electronica music and funk has never been more popular. This album is the result of the influence that Daft Punk has over futurefunk; a genre which is arguably one of the most popular subgenres of vaporwave.

As with tradition with futurefunk, the sounds are all bouncy, funky and infectious; everything here has been tweaked in order to get that radio sound that still exists today with harmonious highs and bumpy lows, even the bass has been enhanced in order to provide that groove line that defines funk music. A few minutes in, you’ll realize that this sounds different from most futurefunk in that it’s Hispanic and tropical influenced. This is not your traditional 80s based futurefunk; no, this is futurefunk that could of been made in Florida for all we know.

Percussion used in tropical and Hispanic music is present here and is used in a way that makes it feel authentic. It sounds like Daft Punk meets Miami Sound Machine meets George Clinton with it’s usage of instruments, at times it screams Florida, some times it screams France but mostly it just screams universal as it’s slick sounds infect your mind, leaving you with an impression that’ll last you a lifetime. I don’t know how to explain it, funk of all kinds just have a certain appeal that’s inflicting to both races.

Some diversions are about like slower tracks that aren’t as high fidelity. Those are well produced and provides for a nice break from the high energy of the album but they aren’t as memorable as the other tracks.

Still, everything about this album is amazing and it’s ridiculous fun for all ages. Dante Mars Ajeto!knows how to make a futurefunk record and knows how to incorporate other influences into futurefunk. For that this album is influential in itself and makes it stand out from the rest of the futurefunk releases. It is simply put, an amazing experience.


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