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Did you know that mallsoft had a possible origin? Well you’ll be surprised to know that back in 2012, an artist named Hantasi released an album called “Vacant Places” which was based off vaporwave but radically different from anything that was considered vaporwave at the time.

This album would go on to be highly successful and influence a lot of what we now call “mallsoft”.

If you ever been to something then you have a fresh memory, but overtime memories get fuzzy and faded until we revisit what we originally visited. If you ever been back there and don’t remember it as it was then it becomes nostalgia and a lost memory. This album recreates that hazy feeling of memory and nostalgia that we often feel inside of our minds. Make no mistake, this is ethereal with sounds being fuzzy and distant and excessive reverb being used in order to create that sense of vastness and emptiness. Everything about it is appropriately timed to make for a trip through the memory of you, the person who probably visited a mall that closed in the past and every song connects to tell a story; it’s not a detailed story but more of a journey through your memories and the unexpected reality.

Because it’s different, this isn’t for everybody; this may make you either bored or afraid at times either wanting more or feeling that you’re where you’re not supposed to be. This is not music to chill out and vibe to but music to make you remember, music to make you feel. It’s the true definition of instrumental human music and one of the few vaporwave albums to actually feel real; even though the mall is nondescript, you can imagine any mall and it would still connect with you. It’s ability to make people turn heads and gain opinions makes this a definitive vaporwave release.

Nothing can ever top this, ever. They can try to filter out and make it sound distant but there is no way to replicate the feel of this album or any dead mall. There are some that come close but this will possibly be the best mallsoft album in existence and while it may or may not have created the genre, it’s the most definitive release from the genre.

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